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The Greyhound Adoption Blog will keep you up to date on all changes to the site.

New pages with valuable health and caring information will be added. Such as product recalls and pet travel tips.

Greyhounds As Pets

Greyhounds make wonderful pets. This site is for those who love greyhounds. How to rescue and adopt, health and safety and other topics.

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Mr. America

My wife and I recently moved to a new house and we were interested in getting a new dog. She had her mind set on a doberman pinscher but I introduced her

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Dog Vacation at Pet Friendly Locations

Dog Vacation Tips - Things Not To Forget

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Greyhound Behavioral Problems

Greyhound behavioral problems can be control.

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Favorite Greyhound Links

Here are some of my favorite greyhound links.

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Radley originally belonged to a client I worked for, and when my client passed away I gave his Greyhound a home. I've always been a cat person myself,

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Greyhound Store

Shop our greyhound store

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