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For the past 15 years my husband and I have adopted, fostered, boarded and loved greyhounds.

My name is Cathy and I am now considered a Senior Citizen—but don’t think, feel or act like one. In part this is due to the fact that I have greyhounds in my life.

Our three children are grown and have families and homes of their own and these beautiful gentle greyhounds have brought much joy into our lives. They motivate us to go out and enjoy the fresh air. Because of them we have become friends with many people around our new home. We have met people with similar interests and passions who are greyhound owners and also other breed owners as well.

It has been very rewarding over the years to share our home with both newly off the track greyhounds or greyhounds that have been in other homes.

We love participating in Meet and Greets, showing off our beautiful four footed babies and answering questions people have about them. The most fun is seeing all the myths about greyhounds dissolve when people learn that they are just kind gently creatures who live to love you.

If you have questions, or want to share Greyt Stories with us, please contact us.

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