What Is Chipping?

What is Chipping you ask? It is said that you can’t have just one greyhound, they are like potato chips.

Killian was the perfect companion, so easy to have around and care for; we decided to adopt another grey.

Again papers were filled out. I received a call from the foster mom, who now had become a good friend. She told me that she had good news and bad news, which one did I want to hear first? So I said lets get the bad news over. Her sheep dog, Samantha, had passed away, it was sudden and my heart broke for her.

We are getting another

Then she told me the good news was that she had our new greyhound. He was a Florida dog that was left in a field by a handler who went bankrupt and abandoned over sixty greyhounds. When he came in he was covered with ticks and flea bites with open sores on his hips due to a flea allergy.

He had not yet been neutered but we could come over with Killian to meet him, so off we went with our Killian to meet his new brother and welcome us into the world of chipping.

We walked into the living room and this big black tornado came busting in the room. He went up to Bill and put his paws on Bill’s shoulder—no small feet as Bill stands 6’7” We all laughed and I told Bill that this one really liked him and was not afraid of men.

So Murphy (Murphy Stout, I told you Bill was a beer drinker) had his surgery, got some anti-biotics for all the sores due to the flea and tick bites. I received the call to “come and get him out of here!” He was terrorizing the cats wanting to play with them, throwing her greyhound’s toys all over and had figured the combination to her Dog Proof garbage can!

Murphy Stout aka Kuzin K C Jones, became the second Beer Boy. As we have said over the years, Murphy is an acquired taste! Full of energy, dissecting all the toys to remove the squeakers, trying to chew his way out of his crate---and stealing his way into my heart.

six pack

True Chippers

Well call us crazy but a Third Beer Boy was going to find his way to our Point Pleasant home. In just a little over one year our house hold went from one three legged cat, Stumpy, to one cat and three greyhounds and we became official Chippers—people who own more than one greyhound.

Our friend was there the day McSorley Irish aka Charlie, arrived from the track to get a flea bath and groomed. He did not shut up and got all the others howling too. Both of our friends said that the Big Mouth one should become a Beer Boy. Well he was already neutered so our friend finished what she had to do there and put the then “Charlie” into her Jeep and brought him back. She called me and said “come and get him”.

Another chip

My daughter and I drove over to their house. As we walked up to the front door there was Mac looking out the front door stomping his front feet when he saw us. I swear I could hear him saying “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN----I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU!”

And so McSorley Irish joined the Beer Boys. We made quite a spectacle as I walked my Boys around town. Being my own parade people would stop and ask questions, want to pet the Boys and ask for information on adoption and becoming chippers.

Life with the Beer Boys

Mac had a language of his own. He would stand in front of me and stomp his feet, lick his lips which meant he wanted a drink of water. If he snorted and bowed his head, that was the call for food. When he trotted to the door, well if you don’t know signal I suggest you buy a lot of Nature’s Miracle!

Then there were times when he would do none of the above, I would ask if he wanted to sing. He would throw his head back; we would find the note and would roo like a couple of wild hounds. Killian at first was very appalled with the lack of dignity we were displaying, but then would join in. Murphy would do anything for me and we had quiet a chorus.

Look it's a girl

In July of 2005 we brought little Elle Belle into the pack. Ellie was a tiny little fawn female who just loved Bill and his Beer Boys, so when her owner was going to move to another state she told us that she thought Ellie would be happier to stay with us and would like for us to share our home with her. Her voice blended just right.

Harpy a special companion

Finding our beloved Harpy. Harpy’s Story

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