Greyhound Adoption - Finding Harpy

How do you know when you have the “right” greyhound? Here is how we found our girl.

Greyhound adoption was now part of our life. We had agreed to take two fosters from a Florida track which had shut down (yea). There was Sarah’s Brat looking at us out of the crate, a face we had seen over the years, with a look in her eyes as to what was going to happen next. Our other foster was a cute little brindle girl all curled up in her crate looking oh so sweet and calm. Well you can’t fool me I know a Brindle Brat when I see one. After Sarah went to her new home, I was walking with Switzer’s Harp, who had now become Harpy because she was a little devil and just felt that if someone did not appreciate a Brindle Brat personality that she would probably be returned. Brindle personality cannot be explained to anyone, you have to experience it for yourself. They will drive you crazy with their antics but given a chance and they will creep into your heart and be there forever. This is the emotional side of greyhound adoption.


Harpy discovered that toys were just the best things EVER! She would throw them, run with them and occasionally actually let you have one. It was on a bitter cold December, when the wind chill factor was about 7 that she discovered that little birds live in the bushes. And if you shove your head in the bushes you can see them; better yet slam your front feet on top of the bushes and they will fly out! When she got down into a combat crawl under some bushes I thought she was going after the birds. Not so, my little Brindle Brat discovered a toy in the bushes. She then started throwing her Dumpster Diver treasure up in the air shaking it and tossing it around. I told her we could take it home but now was not the time for playing. Then miracle of miracles she found a little pink Teddy Bear on the lawn of the Post Office--two in one day!! Well of course she had to have it too, so she and I along with two stuffed animals and a bag of poop finished the walk home. Later that night after dinner, Harpy was playing with her new found treasures. She came over to Bill and dropped the little pink Teddy Bear in his lap. She had such a cute expression on her face you just wanted to kiss her nose. Much to our surprise the bear had a ribbon around its neck that said “I Love You” -- well Bill was mush!

He said “look she is telling me she loves me” Need I even tell you that the very next day I called the rescue director and told her that Harpy was staying. I told her about the Teddy Bear and Bill she was in total agreement that Harpy had indeed chosen her family.

She continues to delight us and brings smiles to our faces every day. Loving a Brindle Brat is an acquired taste but one I highly recommend as well as greyhound adoption.

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