Greyhound Corns Can Be Treated

Greyhound Corns

Retired racers can sometimes develop a condition called “corns”. This can cause limping and they can become lame due to the discomfort. As with humans this condition can be treated. Once the cause of the "corns" is determined, the treatment is then decided upon.

Your Greyhound May Begin To Limp

It is thought that because greyhounds have a lack of fatty tissue the pads of their feet don’t absorb the shock on their feet when racing. The concussive force will result in the formation of a hard substance and causes pain as the corn grows. Sometimes it could be a foreign body which has lodged in the pad of the foot.

It is also thought that the Papilloma virus can cause this condition. Either way your greyhound may begin to limp especially on hard surfaces like roads and sidewalks.

If you notice a lesion on the pad of your greyhound’s foot have your Vet take a look and make the determination. The condition may be alleviated by soaking or an antibiotic.

Corns Growing Back

The most common treatment for a more severe problem is known as “hulling” the hard substance growing in the pad. There are a high percentage of the corns growing back after a few months. In some radical cases amputation of the toe is the most beneficial in the long run.

Greyhounds respond well to amputation, we had to have a toe amputated on Mr. T and he recovered just fine. Within a day of the surgery he was hopping around on three legs and within a week he was walking on all four feet. I would increase his walking every day and he was back to normal in no time.

No one ever realized that he was missing a toe.

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