Greyhound Puppy - A Hell Hound

Not many people have ever seen a greyhound puppy

Very often people will ask about adopting a greyhound puppy. Not many people, including our own Vet, have ever seen one because most puppies never make it to maturity.

Some are Culled

Not because they are defective—but the breeder or trainer may deem then not viable to be a “winner” so they are culled. This is a kind term for destroying something which is not worth the time, effort and money to train. With so many rescue groups and legislation over the years this practice has diminished.

Some are Cuddled

I have seen several greyhound puppies and they are so cute you just want to cuddle them and carry them under your arm like a fashion accessory. Make no mistake—they are lovingly called Hell Hounds for a reason.

Friends of ours have a beautiful little female greyhound named Shiraz, who has personality plus. After sharing their home for a few years with her, a five week old male puppy became available for adoption. Well they fell in love with the picture on the rescue website and decided to go ahead and adopt him.

greyhound puppy

Their female immediately began to “discipline” him as any good female will do. He was lightening fast and would run up give you a quick nip—most often in the butt—and be gone before you could turn around. He also loved to untie shoes. He seemed to grow each time you looked at him and before you knew it he was towering over Shiraz, but she still ruled the roost. Being an intelligent greyhound he accepted her dominance and they lived together happily until he developed brain cancer.

A wonderful life

He had a wonderful life for seven years which would never have occurred if not for rescue groups and kind hearted folks like our friends.

A little research will give you an idea of which rescue groups have access to greyhound puppies.

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