What to do about a Lost Dog?

Lost Dog Even with all safety precautions in place it is still possible for your greyhound to escape.

Notify the police and your rescue group

If there is a lost dog don’t panic—notify the police and your rescue group. You should have tags on your greyhound’s collar identifying you as the owner and also one from the rescue group with a phone number and reward offered for the return of the greyhound.

If they have slipped out of their collar there is still the registration number tattooed in their ear and that number is registered with your rescue group and they will notify you when the dog is found. Remember to take a photo of your dog. You may need this for flyers and searchers.

Lost dogs can travel many miles in a short period.

You can also look into having a computer chip inserted by your Vet. This is a very common practice for locating lost pets of all kinds.

Hold the leash properly

Be sure when walking the greyhound that you hold the leash properly— do you know why there is a loop on your end of the leash???? TO PUT YOUR HAND THROUGH IT. Put your hand through the loop and hold on to the leash, this will hopefully prevent the leash from slipping out of your hands. I will then loop the leash around my hand several times so my dogs are on a short lead and close to my side. I have control over their actions and they feel secure in being close to me.

A greyhound that is new to you and not used to heeding a command to return to you, the use of a “squawker” often works like a charm. You can get one of these at a Sporting Goods store for a few dollars. I have also found that keeping the squeakers that my greyhounds remove from their toys is also very effective—especially if they really like their toys.

Lucky for me she is seven years old

Last year I was babysitting for friends little female greyhound. She is a very shy girl when outside the home so I did my very best to keep her safe when I took all the dogs for a walk. But you know there is always one person who knows more than you do about dogs and of course we had to encounter that person. I held my hand up and told him that I have a “very timid greyhound” and please do not approach us. Well he kept on coming and as he approached this little girl backed up and shrugged right out of her harness, turned around and ran back up the street.

Lucky for me she is seven years old and not right off the track so she trotted back toward my house. Well long story short—I managed to keep her in sight and after a little tour of the neighborhood I managed to get close enough to her and grab her collar. I hugged her and told her I loved her and we proceeded to walk back to my house. She was pretty tuckered out and happy to have someone familiar to be with when we got back to the house. Then she slept for about three hours-me too.

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