Massage Therapy For Greyhounds

Massage therapy for greyhounds has been around for hundreds of years and now has been perfected to become part of a holistic way of maintaining good health.

Don’t you just love a nice relaxing massage? If you have never had one you are missing one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Just imagine the benefits for your retired athlete. Or your older dog who is showing signs of slowing down from arthritis? Now it is possible to make their lives more comfortable and perhaps even extend the time you can share your life with them.

Recently a friend with older greyhounds noticed one of them beginning to limp. Rather than just putting her on a regimen of anti-inflammatory drugs they asked for an x-ray to rule out the possibility of bone cancer or a track related injury. The x-ray showed no signs of the dreaded disease or hidden injury—thankfully!

After One 60 Minute Session

They contacted a local vendor who practices Massage Therapy for greyhounds and horses. After one 60 minute session their little girl was decidedly more comfortable and no longer limping, and without the pain she was a much happier greyhound.

I was very impressed with the results of this type of therapy and decided to contact the man with the Miracle Hands. Our conversation was very enlightening and informative. He explained how massage therapy for greyhounds worked and sited several examples success stories for both dogs and horses that he had helped.

Not relying on drugs, which although do work, have side effects. Sometimes these side effects almost seem worse than the root problem. Having been a Chiropractic patient for many years I embraced the idea of using this massage therapy for greyhounds.

He explained how it all works and the signs he looks for in dogs and horses to isolate problems and restoring them to good health. Not all things can be cured with this treatment, but along with good Veterinary care many dogs can expect longer more comfortable lives.

Here Is How It Works

Massage therapy for greyhounds and equines is a wonderful complement to veterinary care in order to potentially prevent injury and illness along with the potential to enhance recovery times for those injured or performing structured activities. The 60-minute Deep Tissue Therapy improves the physical and mental health of our four-legged friends. This non-invasive technique assists in:

  • relieving tension and stress
  • relaxing muscle spasms

  • improving muscle tone
  • improving circulation

  • increasing flexibility
  • eliminating toxins and waste from the body

  • enhancing recovering time from strenuous activities

  • The 60-minutes process begins with de-stressing the muscles in the head and neck areas, which tend to relax anxious animals who are new to the massage process. Once the therapy starts to cover their forelegs and top-line, the dog or horse begin to understand that this is a “feel-good” time for them. Yawns, sighs, neck stretches and/or body stretches usually occur as they start to release stress and tension. Once the top-line is completed and the hind-quarter is massaged, the patient is now fully experiencing the release of discomfort throughout the body.

    Their Bodies Are Rejuvenated

    Each dog or horse has their own reasons for having massage therapy done to them and each one comes out of the session ready to be a puppy or foal again. Their bodies are rejuvenated with blood and oxygen flowing freely throughout them with the release of any knots or spasms. Massage therapy for greyhounds can be the answer to your retired racer ailments.

    The Following Are a Few Testimonials From Clients

    Words can't express the difference in my 8 year old golden retriever from his massages! My boy was a rescue who came to us at the age of 5 and had been confined to very small quarters and living in the elements all year round. As his age advanced we worried about him getting arthritis in his hips and his joints aching. A friend suggested massage therapy for him and what a difference! He is lively and has a "spring in his step again"; in fact he looks forward to seeing his massage therapist pull up as he knows he is in for his special treat! Thank you again! Through his bi-monthly massages we know he will be with us for years to come.


    I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for taking care of my dog. He is an 8 year old Bernese Mountain Dog. Before we started massage therapy on him, he was having difficulty getting up and walking. He is doing much better after therapy and is getting around with ease. I must admit, at first I was skeptical about the benefits of massage on a dog, but it seems to have helped him greatly. We will definitely schedule massages in the future and look forward to seeing you again.Thank you. K.S.

    Mr. Mike, I can't thank you enough for coming to my barn and giving me an awesome massage. Not only did I have one, but the following week I had another one! I was getting ready for a big competition to carry my girl over fences and your massage techniques loosened my muscles and made me very relaxed and ready to go! We did great! Thanks again Mr. Mike for your healing hands.

    Your Horse Pal, Lucky

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