Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

When your pet dies it is said that it goes to the Rainbow Bridge. It is a fact of life that we will most likely out live our pets.

When the time comes

We watch them grow from playful youngsters to maturity and then to Golden Years. No matter how long you share your lives with them it is never enough.

When the time comes for your pet to cross the Bridge they will let you know. Sometimes they make the decision themselves, our Mac Sorley had a stroke and within seconds he was our happy boy and then he was gone.

There are other times when you know in your heart you have to let them go but your mind will just not accept that they are suffering. Heartbreaking as it is you have to make the decision when your Vet tells you that there is little hope.

Loosing your Best Friend

Loosing your Best Friend is very difficult but allowing them to suffer is not an option. We have had to make that decision several times. Each time I sat with my greyhound’s head in my lap, kissed their face and felt the tension ease as their pain lessened. It is not an easy thing to do but it is the right thing. They have loved you unconditionally and I am sure it is comforting for them to have you nearby when they cross the Bridge.

There is an old song about Mr. Bo Jangles that says:

His dog up and died after twenty years he still grieves..

As I write this and remember my greyhounds that have passed I still grieve and hope they are there waiting for me across the Bridge.


In Memory of the Beer Boys




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