Top Ten Reasons For Our Greyhound Adoption

  • Their beauty and grace touched something in our souls.
  • We wanted to have a companion to motivate us to go walking.
  • Having started a home based business I wanted an office companion.

  • The greyhound’s personality made us smile.
  • We were not interested in training a puppy, going through the house breaking and chewing.
  • We did not want a “yappy” dog.

  • BeerBoys

  • I have environmental allergies so it was important to have a dog with little or no shedding.
  • We needed to have a pet that would fit our budget. An expensive pure bred was out of the question.
  • A dog with a very high energy level did not fit our age and life style.
  • Saving the life of a beautiful innocent creature was most gratifying.

  • Greyhound adoption is for everyone.

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