Greyhound Behavioral Problems 

If you are experiencing some greyhound behavioral problems, here are a few tips that may help.

Most people don’t give dogs credit for being very intelligent creatures, and believe me, those people are the stupid ones.


Greyhounds Will Do Things Which Are Not Socially Acceptable

Dogs of all breeds have a great deal of intelligence and if not given the proper amount of stimulation they will become bored.  Just as children will misbehave when they have nothing to do or want to attract your attention, dogs will do things which are not socially acceptable. 


They may decide that your new shoes are a wonderful chew toy, or chasing the cat is fantastic exercise.  Most cats are not thrilled with this behavior.  You certainly don’t want your dog to help themselves to food on the counter or incessant barking.  Worst case scenario would be relieving themselves in the house—or “marking’ their territory on the back of the couch.


The responsibility to make sure that they have a “job” is up to you.  You need to give your dog the proper amount of exercise.  Don’t forget that a rescued racer is used to getting out on the track for training and running a race is not only exciting for them it also uses some of that stored energy they have been generating. 

If Your Dog Is Fat 

From personal experience a nice brisk walk every morning with my greyhounds is not only good for them it is greyt for me.  It clears my head, lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  Not to mention tightening up the posterior muscles.  It is said that if your dog is fat then you are not getting enough exercise.

Make sure your dog, and you, are in good health with regular check ups and good nutrition.


If they are getting the proper amount of exercise and still becoming bored then you need to give them something to do.  There are a variety of dog toys that are fantastic for keeping the attention of the dog on things other than finding your new shoes or where the cat is hiding. 


 If Your Greyhound Needs To Be Crated

Chew toys will not only give them something to focus on many will also provide the duel purpose of helping keep their teeth clean.  I personally am not a big fan of some of the raw hide products.  Finding a slimy bit of discarded raw hide with bare feet is very unpleasant. However, the chew toys may help with greyhound behavioral problems. 

The Kong brand of dog toy is a wonderful product which will keep almost all dogs busy for quite some time.  They are designed to suite different size dogs from the smallest to the largest.  It is made of very heavy duty rubber and is hollow so you can put some treats inside for your dog to work on.  It can bounce around to further attract attention.


If your greyhound needs to be crated while you are at work a Kong full of peanut butter and some kibble will keep them occupied for hours.  It will also detract them from chewing on the inside of the crate which they learned to do at the track where they can be created for very long periods of time.


Friends of ours will fill a Kong full of peanut butter and puts in the freezer.  This helps to keep their dog occupied and cool in the hot weather.


Make sure you choose the right size for your dog.  A Kong that is too small may be lodged in their throat and one that is too large will not serve the same purpose for a dog too small to put their jaws around it.

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