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Over the years, we have adopted and fostered many retired racing dogs. I hope this site will shed some light on just how wonderful these dogs are as pets. You can read all about me and how I got started with these wonderful companions on the our story page.

We hope this site will expel some of the misconceptions that people have about these hounds. They are not “high maintenance” pets. They require very little grooming and are not too vocal, so you don’t have to worry about your neighbors complaining of a barking dog.

They are the most non-confrontational dogs I have ever met. Many people think that because of the muzzles they wear on the track that they are vicious—not so. The muzzles are put on them because when they are running after prey they will nip a competitor.

I love to share the stories of my companion dogs with people, they have enriched my life and I am grateful for every day I can share with them.

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Race Cars Not Dogs

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Racing dogs require a different diet once their racing career is over. What to look for in commercial dog food as well as the benefits of good old home cooking, and Raw Diet benefits and pitfalls. We address some of the problems when new foods are introduced in their diet.

Here is a helpful hint for combating diarrhea, just give your hound some cooked sweet potato, it does the trick and I have only met one greyt who did not just love sweet potato. See our greyhound nutrition page.

A Greyt Vacation

So you are planning a wonderful vacation, but what do you do with the dog? We have several suggestions for giving your four legged friend some enjoyment. There are “dog friendly” places to stay.Just a few dollars more and your dog can enjoy themselves just as much as you.

Also, some wonderful suggestions for accommodations when going along with the family is not an option for the dog. There are some very nice Dog Spas for boarding that make me wish I had four legs and a tail. Whatever your budget is we can help with some suggestions.

We have lists of motels and hotels that welcome pets as well as bed and breakfasts which also make Fido feel right at home.

Did you know that Greyhound Bus Company does not allow greyhounds on their busses?? Visit our dog vacation page.

Health and Caring

Health issues are explained in this quick guide. Greyhound caring issues such as bathing, dental, worms, etc. are included. Also what to look for when choosing your dog and signs that there may be a problem.


Why adopt retired racing greyhounds? What to look for and what steps to take are explained. What to look for in an adoption program and the right questions to ask.

Would you rather a greyhound puppy?Have you ever seen one? No? Well neither had our Vet until we brought a puppy to their office for him to see.


They are one of the fastest land animals. Because they are sight hounds, their speed and athleticism special attention must be given to keeping them from harm. We give some simple and inexpensive steps which will ensure a happy and healthy life for your companion. Greyhound Safety.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered some of your FAQ. Visit our Frequently asked questions page and feel free to contact us with any additional queries.


These wonderful pets are the only dogs mentioned in the bible. As the oldest breed of dog known to man, they have been associated with historical figures like King Tut, Alexander the Great, Christopher Columbus, General George Custer and many others.

The history of these animals is both fascinating and romantic, much has been written about these beautiful and graceful dogs. Check out our greyt history page.

Rainbow Bridge

We all will most likely outlive our pets; it is just a fact of life. I will share my experiences and look forward to hearing about yours as well. Letting go is very difficult, I hope this eases your concerns and helps you to make the right decision.


Our blog and RSS is available to keep up with us. Our newsletter will soon be available.

Share your story and contact us at anytime. Let us know what we can do to keep these beautiful dogs safe.

Our first greyhound
Our first greyhound. First of many.
A Multi-Dog Home is Ideal with Greyhounds
Most owners of adopted greyhounds have a multi-dog home.
Chipping popularity with greyhounds
Chipping is when you must have more than one dog.
Reasons to Adopt
Here are our top 10 reasons for greyhound adoption
Greyhound Rescue Groups
There are many greyhound rescue groups in every state and some are more suited to a prospective adopter than others.
Adopt A Greyhound - Quick Guide
Adopt a greyhound and rescue these wonderful animals.
Greyhound Puppy
Have you ever seen a greyhound puppy? Puppy rescue is very rewarding.
Rescue A Greyhound
Rescue a greyhound and adopt the perfect family pet.
Adopting Greyhounds - Frequently Asked Questions
Adopting Greyhounds - Frequently Asked Questions
Greyhound Dog Books
Greyhound dog books for everyday reading
Ask Cathy
Ask Cathy questions about living with greyhounds.
Greyhound Nutrition
Greyhound Nutrition is one of the most important aspect when adopting a dog.
Greyhound Diet
A greyhound diet should be geared to the breed and size of your pet.
Greyhound Temperament
Greyhound temperament is what allows a greyhound to be the ideal house pet.
Greyhound Health
Greyhound health of a retired racer is not usually a problem.
Greyhound Limping
Greyhound limping can be easily treated
Massage Therapy for Greyhounds
Massage Therapy For Greyhounds
Greyhound Cancer
Scary but true; there are many incidents of greyhound cancer.
Greyhound Diabetes
Greyhound diabetes can be easily tested.
Greyhound Poisoning
Greyhound poisoning can occur when your pet digest some common household items.
Greyhound Behavioral Problems
Greyhound behavioral problems can be control.
Separation Anxiety in Greyhounds
Greyhounds have been bred to live all their lives with other greyhounds, lots of greyhounds. This is one of the main reasons for separation anxiety.
Greyhound Corns
Greyhound Corns can be easily treated
Phobic pet remedy
A phobic pet may never recover from it fears. Here are some timely ideas.
Greyhound Care and Maintenance
Greyhound care and maintenance is mostly routine. Greyhounds are low maintenance pets.
Greyhound Safety Some Basic Tips
Your greyhound safety can easily be managed with some basic tips.
Greyhound Dog Questions
Here are some greyhound dog questions from our mailbag
Pet Sitter Tips
Here are some pet sitter tips
Dog Vacation at Pet Friendly Locations
Dog Vacation Tips - Things Not To Forget
Lost Dog
Hints to prevent a lost dog.
Race Cars Not Dogs
Race Cars Not Dogs
Retired Greyhounds
Retired greyhounds are often use for pet therapy.
Special Needs Hounds
Special Needs Hounds
Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge - loosing your beloved pet.
Greyhound History
Greyhound history finds its roots in the bible. The oldest breed of dog known to man is the greyhound.
Favorite Greyhound Links
Here are some of my favorite greyhound links.
Doggie Bag
Doggie Bag is a dedicated to the lighter side of owning a pet.
Best Looking Greyhounds
Pictures of the Best Looking Greyhounds
Dog Friendly Places For Greyhounds
Share your dog friendly places with us.
Share Your Greyhound Story
Do you have a greyhound story to share?
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