Tips for Greyhound Safety

Greyhound Safety

You have a responsibility as a pet owner to keep that pet safe from harm. This includes making sure that they don’t run loose and possibly be hit by a car, be attacked by another dog or get lost. Good rescue groups will have you sign a contract outlining things you MUST do in order to keep your greyhound safe.

There are some important and inexpensive things that can be done to assure that your dog will not have the opportunity to get away from you.

Storms Doors

Adjust the tension on your storm door so it closes quickly, this way your dog will not see an opportunity to bolt and be out the door before you know what is happening. This is very important if you have young children in the house because it keeps them safe also. You don’t want to be running down the street after your dog or your child.


Fencing around your yard is paramount; it does not have to be a six foot stockade fence. About three feet of the push-in type of fencing will keep your greyhound in the yard. They have the physical ability to jump, they just don’t know they can. If you are the type of person who wants to take the greyhound for agility training then you better invest in that stockade because once you teach them they can jump—they will. Remember greyhound safety should be for the entire household.

Electronic Fences

Electronic fences are wasted on a greyhound. If they are in the middle of the yard and see something they want to chase they can bolt through that barrier before it even registers that they are getting a shock from the barrier. Another point about electronic fencing is they do not keep other predators from entering your yard. The last thing that you want is to have your neighbor’s dog get into the yard and attack your greyhound. Greyhounds are very non-combative but will fight back if frightened by an aggressive dog.

Martingale Collar

A Martingale collar should be the ONLY type of collar to use on a greyhound. Their neck is wider than their head and stationery collar will slips right off their head and they are off and running. Martingale is a very gently type of choker collar and keeps those delicate necks safe. I have found that a harness is very good also and when walking multiple greyhounds I use a coupler to keep two dogs on each side of me for better control. All of the above makes greyhound safety easily achieved.

In Case of a Lost Dog

Even with all these things in place it is still possible for your greyhound to escape. If you do separate from your favoritecanine friend don't panic. For more on greyhound safety and lost dogs, click this link for some tips. Lost Dog page.

Safe Walking

When I walk my dogs early in the morning during the winter months it is dark for a portion of the walk. I found wonderful collar charms that flash bright lights. Each of my dogs has them on their collars and I have one on my jacket. They really make us visible to both cars and other people out in the early morning hours. So many people comment on the “sparkling” family out for a morning walk. Again they are an inexpensive way to keep safe and enjoy having a greyhound companion to walk with.


It is a good idea to keep your greyhound off other people’s lawns when walking them. Not just to be courteous—some people really don’t like dogs on their lawn—but also to keep them off pesticide treated grass. Greyhounds can absorb chemicals from treated lawns and over time it can adversely affect their metabolism and health.

NEVER NEVER NEVER use Roundup in an area where greyhounds can come in contact with that product. If you feel the need to treat an area for weeds use white vinegar. Just put it full strength in a squirt bottle or sprayer and use on the weeds. It will kill the weeds just as quickly as Roundup but will not harm your dog or the environment.

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