Greyhound Rescue Groups - Which is Right for You?

There are many greyhound rescue groups in every state and some are more suited to a prospective adopter than others. When you begin to look into a rescue group, find people who have used the group to adopt their greyhound. What were their criteria? Compare their needs with yours to help decide where to get your greyhound.

Some greyhound rescue groups have a facility where you can go and see the greyhounds that are ready for adoption. States which still have greyhound racing often have an adoption program in place right at the track. I live in a state which does not have racing so I looked at a couple of groups before we decided on the right fit for us. With any group you choose, there are some basic things you want to make sure are in place.


Where do they get the greyhounds?

Do they get the greyhounds from race tracks or breeder farms or both? Remember it is not just retired track racers who can use a good home. Sometimes there is a breeder bitch that is no longer useful and could use some love and kindness.

Who chooses the dogs they adopt out?

How do they decide who needs adoption, are they no longer winners or has a track injury ended their career. There are greyhounds who lose their taste for racing—or maybe they have finally realized that the rabbit they have been chasing is not real and don’t want to waste their time chasing a mechanical bunny.

What is the history of a particular greyhound?

Each greyhound has a story and they are all different, make sure the rescue group knows the basic story of why this greyhound was retired.

What happens when the dogs come off the track?

Do they go to a foster home? Are they small animal tested?Are they child friendly?Do they know how to go up and down stairs?Do they know they can’t walk through a sliding glass door? Unless it is open of course.Do they know they can’t walk on water? If you have a swimming pool this could be problematic.

Was this greyhound in another home or is it right off the track?

If the greyhound was returned, why did the previous adopters return the greyhound?

What is their return policy?

If your cat decides that there is no way they are sharing their lair with a DOG the greyhound should be placed in another home. Sometimes there is no way to predict how things are going to be until the greyhound is in a home. This is no one’s fault but it is a good idea to prevent a catastrophe before it happens.

Is there any assistance should the greyhound have health issues?

If there was a track injury which caused the retirement of the greyhound there may be some follow up therapy needed.

Was their racing career successful?

“Winners” are often give preferential treatment on the track, better food, treated better. The ones who do not do well, are not big money makers may have not received the best of treatment. Our Killian was not very good and you could tell he had been treated badly. But with love and understanding he overcame his fears and was the most kind and gently companion anyone could want.

Do the greyhound rescue groups have a contract you need to sign?

It is good practice for greyhound rescue groups to ask adopters to sign an agreement that you will maintain good care for this greyhound. You are also given a Contract of Sale. These greyhounds are “property” and a contract of sale seals the deal and makes this greyhound yours and yours alone. But you also will be asked to treat the greyhound properly and give them a good home and the rescue group may reserve the right to take the greyhound back if they are treated badly.

Always keep in mind that the true personality of a greyhound may not surface until they have been in a home for several weeks. They have been shifted around from track to track, then to the adoption site. It is like a soldier coming home, they have to acclimate themselves to their surroundings.

There are still lots to learn about switching careers from professional athlete to retired pet. They have to learn about toys and treats need to be tested, but the process is fun and exciting for you and your new greyhound.

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